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The River Fund Maine Executive Director Search

About The River Fund Maine

The River Fund Maine (TRFM) is a registered 501(c)(3) organization based in Bethel, Maine, founded in 2018 with the mission To create a bright economic future for our community by investing in the education of our youth and by harnessing the recreational assets of our region. TRFM envisions a community where our young people are well prepared to lead by obtaining an education that can prepare them to meet the complex demands of the 21st century. We will achieve this goal through the creation of education, recreation and community programs that draw people together while providing an economic growth engine for the region, and by fostering an understanding that a community is not a place, but a connection forged by understanding and empathy for others.

Responsibilities of the Position

Reporting to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors (BOD), the Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the overall successful operation and performance of TRFM. All activities of TRFM shall be carried out under the leadership and direction of the Executive Director who, in partnership with the BOD, sets the strategic direction of the organization. The Executive Director oversees daily operations and works with the standing committees to ensure that TRFM achieves its strategic and financial objectives.

Specific responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

Mission and Strategy. Engages the BOD for input and direction to ensure present and future strategic alignment with the mission and vision of the organization. Works with volunteer committees to ensure that the mission is fulfilled through well-targeted programs, a robust portfolio of events, effective funding development and engaging community outreach. Enhances TRFM’s image by being active, visible, and collaborative with other professional, civic and private organizations.

Business Development. Executes all fundraising activities including identifying funding sources, establishing strategies to approach and cultivate funders, pursuing grant opportunities, and maintaining sponsor and donor relationships. Develops funding sources sufficient to ensure the financial health of TRFM. Identifies and advances opportunities for earned revenue to support TRFM.

Fiscal/Operational Management and Leadership. In collaboration with the Treasurer, develops and presents the annual budget and monthly financial statements to the BOD, or its designees, that accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization. Identifies and implements appropriate resources to ensure the operations of the organization are effective and well administered. Responsible for the procurement and management of appropriate external resources and partnerships. Responsible for signing all notes, agreements, and other instruments made and entered into on behalf of TRFM. Ensures an organizational culture that is characterized by a commitment to the highest ethical standards, quality, collaboration, transparency and mutual respect.

Board Administration and Support. Facilitates and supports the BOD in order to fulfill the organization’s mission. Communicates effectively with the BOD and provides, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the BOD to function properly and to make informed decisions. Ensures an environment that is conducive to good governance practices and productive Board work. Advances opportunities to strengthen Board engagement and efficacy.

Volunteer Development and Management. Recruits, develops and maintains an engaged and effective volunteer community in roles ranging from organizational leadership to event operations. Develops effective working committees and committee leadership. Effectively recruits active participation from area residents, second-home owners and visitors. Ensures that committees, programs, and events are appropriately staffed and supported.

Expected Outcomes

1. Clarity and ownership of The River Fund Maine’s mission among all relevant stakeholders.

2. Excellent execution of the BOD-approved strategy and programs.

3. Engaged leadership producing a smooth-running and proactive volunteer/paid organization that delivers on its commitments.

4. Sustainable financial position through effective fundraising, event management, and focused expense control.

5. Effective advocacy of The River Fund Maine to increase outreach.

6. Strengthened relationships with local businesses and organizations.

Traits and Characteristics Desired

The Executive Director of The River Fund Maine should bring energy and vision to the role. The ED must be a facilitative coalition builder who can work effectively with the Board and committee members, affiliated organizations, external staff, volunteers, members of the community, and donors to achieve the goals of TRFM. While being a self-starter who excels at daily administrative tasks and financial management, a successful ED must combine strategic thinking with solid, tactical, and pragmatic implementation. Because no full-time employees report to the ED, the director must possess excellent organizational and influencing skills to effectively utilize a combination of volunteers, part-time professional services, and paid event vendors.

The Executive Director should be demonstrably effective at designing and implementing fundraising and outreach activities. A knowledge of fundraising strategies, techniques, and implementation methodologies, particularly in the non-profit world, is of high importance. The ED must be able to work effectively and collaboratively with TRFM’s key sponsors.

The River Fund Maine seeks a person equally comfortable as a self-directed, hands-on contributor and as an enabler of others. The ED must excel at follow-through. This person should be an open, confident, and articulate professional who enjoys exploring new ideas and thinking creatively. Exceptional written and oral skills are important. The ED must be organized, resourceful, and excel at setting priorities. This person must be comfortable handling multiple tasks and functions simultaneously. The ED should be a model of integrity and fairness and demonstrate high ethical standards. Above all, the ED must personally embrace, and effectively communicate, the mission, vision and values of The River Fund Maine and demonstrate a strong commitment to effect positive change in our community.

Career Path Leading to This Position

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a track record of success in a senior leadership role in a non-profit or civic organization and display an interest in both the advancement of opportunities for youth and community growth. Transferable experiences, however, will be considered. Five or more years of experience is highly desirable. A bachelor’s degree Is required.


The Executive Director is a professional, exempt, full-time position. Salary is market-valued and commensurate with experience. An incentive program links compensation to performance.


The position of Executive Director for The River Fund Maine is located in Bethel, Maine. Some regional travel to support fundraising opportunities is required.


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