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The River Fund Maine (TRFM) was incorporated in 2018 with the mission to create a bright economic future  for our place and people by investing in the education of our youth and by harnessing the recreational  assets of our community. Our desired end state is a vibrant region that can create and sustain economic  growth for all of its constituents, a community that can flourish by embracing every member, and a new  generation of families and kids that can lead us into the future by: 

  • Obtaining an education that can prepare our community to meet the complex demands of the 21st century, to feel confident in our abilities to successfully negotiate new challenges and situations, and  to master the skills needed to create careers that provide both fulfillment and sufficient financial  livelihood. 

  • Utilizing our remarkable natural environment to establish recreational assets of value that supports  both regional economic growth and provides recreational activities that can excite and engage all of  our area’s diverse populations: residents, second-homeowners and visitors.  

  • Creating physical and emotional bonds with others by understanding that a community is not a place,  but a connection forged by empathy for, and collaboration with, others. 

The River Fund Maine Scholarship: Programs

The River Fund Maine will strive to maintain an active portfolio of programs in the three areas that are  defined by our Mission: Education, Recreation, and Community Outreach. To ensure both focus and  achievability, TRFM does not envision large, free-standing “community” projects, but rather believes that the  greatest impact can be made by forging a shared commitment among all three community population  segments and other local philanthropic groups to achieve common goals. As a result, TRFM’s areas of  primary interest will remain:







Immediate Goals

The River Fund Maine’s Educational programs are primarily targeted at high school students aged 9th through  12th grades. Programs are open to all resident and non-resident students, but the scholarship program is restricted to Bethel/Newry residents and priority is given to economically disadvantaged students. The goals  are (1) to support college degree attainment among local students, (2) to build self-confidence, problem solving and life skills among high school students, (3) to open students’ eyes to career opportunities not  previously thought available to them, and (4) to identity and educate future community leaders. The  Education portfolio consists of programs to:

Increase College
Degree Attainment




Short Term Goals

Acquire Necessary
Life Skills

Recreation Program

Long Term Goals

Construct Indoor 
Childrens' Play Space

Engage with Future Technologies & Job Skills

Since its founding in 2018, The River Fund Maine has become a significant community asset providing  unparalleled support for educational aspiration, college degree attainment, and life-skills achievement. TRFM  has also been an active community partner, working with numerous organizations and businesses to create  new opportunities for the people of Western Maine and providing local assistance when needed. As we have  grown, TRFM has extended our commitment to our region’s children and families by developing recreational  environments where children and youth can be physical active and emotionally nurtured.  


All of these activities spring from TRFM’s deep-seated belief that our youth are our future. By providing  thoughtfully conceived, effectively managed, and responsibly governed programs that expand the aspirations  and opportunities available to our children, The River Fund Maine is investing in the future of all of our diverse communities.

The River Fund Maine Scholarship: Projects
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