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Hoppy to Help, beer that keeps on giving

Posted January 12, 2022


BETHEL — The River Fund Maine, a nonprofit organization, has partnered with Stem Mill Brewery to produce a new beer called Hoppy to Help. With original ingredients, this fruity-tasting IPA at eight percent ABV is doing more than just quenching thirst.

For every Hoppy to Help sold, a dollar goes toward the programs sponsored by The River Fund Maine. Programs include its high impact scholarship for local youth, creative problem-solving workshops, recreation programming and community outreach projects like the Bethel Community Ice Rink.

In the first week of release, 104 packs of Hoppy to Help were sold.

The whole process started in May when The River Fund Maine was trying to think of ways to collaborate with the community.

“I was thinking we’re in Maine, Maine is known for its breweries. We have a great microbrewery right in town. So I know James [co-owner of Stem Mill Brewery],” explains Noah Tanguay-Collins, executive director of The River Fund Maine. “So I went to James, I said, what are your thoughts on doing a beer collaboration? We can have the money go to the kids and these different programs. You know, because we do have our high impact scholarships, we have our education programs. And then we also have the rec programs … so when you buy a can of beer, that money goes right back to the community. So all of those programs get supported through the beer.”

The beers slogan is: Brew Good. Do Good. Every sip is a step towards making our community stronger, he explains

The design of the beer was a selling point as well, he says. From a distance it looks dark blue and with small light blue images that one might associate with snowflakes because of season and the chilled look of it. However, upon examination, “You’ll see kegs, you’ll see hops, you’ll see things like that. But then you’ll also see mountain bikes and skis and different recreational elements that represent our community and the different assets that we have,” says Tanguay-Collins excitedly.

The new beer is available for purchase at Stem Mill Brewery, in the cooler up front near the hostess stand.

But it doesn’t stop there. The River Fund Maine has been doing a lot of work, besides the new hoppin’ beer.

“And then the other great thing is we do have a future tab on our website now, which is where we’re putting our strategic plan,” says Tanguay-Collins. “So we have our full strategic plan. It’s more interactive and you can toggle through and when you click on the different light boxes and icons more text pops up, makes it a bit more digestible and a little bit more like a high level … a great place to look when you want to see what it is that we have planned for that next 10 years.”


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