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The River Fund Maine Scholarship is focused on enabling local youth to achieve their educational and career-oriented aspirations. Each year, one local student will be named the River Fund Maine Scholar and receive a scholarship to support the attainment of a BA/BS or equivalent four-year college degree in the student’s chosen area. The River Fund Maine especially encourages recipients to envision, and prepare themselves for, careers in entrepreneurial and leadership roles in our region. The objective is to assist talented students in developing an education plan that leads to a fulfilling and rewarding career, not just a job. 

The River Fund Maine Scholar will receive up to $20,000 each year to cover the cost of college tuition and fees, room and board, books and educational supplies. The scholarship is renewable for up to three additional years and is intended to allow a student to gain a college degree and graduate without crushing debt. The scholarship recipient will also have access to financial counseling, internships, and professional mentoring to help them map a successful path through the college or university experience. The River Fund Scholarship shall not affect the financial aid package offered by the institution. 

The River Fund Maine Scholarship: Programs
The River Fund Maine Scholarship: What We Do

FEBRUARY 28 - April 1, 2024

Receiving a high-impact scholarship can change a talented student’s trajectory, and has a direct impact on our immediate community, and worldwide workforce. As our economies become more globalized, connected and automated, the face of our workforce will continue to change, and need more and more
workers with college degrees.

Since 2020, The River Fund Maine has worked with three local students, supporting their attainment of a BA/BS or equivalent four-year college degree. The River Fund Maine especially encourages recipients to envision, and prepare themselves for, careers in entrepreneurial and leadership roles in our region. The objective is to assist talented students in developing an education plan that leads to a fulfilling and rewarding career, not just a job. This spring, we are adding a third scholar to this growing program. 

The Struggle for Students
Unfortunately, degree attainment remains toughest for the students with the most to gain: students from moderate to low-income households. Talent, drive and skill are getting more first-generation and low-income students into universities, but their struggle to pay for school is keeping far too many of them from graduating.

The Solution
Scholarships are one of the simplest and most important ways we can have an impact on our changing workforce. Scholarships help fill the gap between the cost of college and a student’s financial aid, meaning they don’t have to choose between taking out crippling student loans or dropping out.

By supporting scholarships like The River Fund Maine, you’re providing a lifeline to talented but underprivileged students. Your support makes all the difference on the impact we can make. 


Bailey Fraser
2022 TRFM Scholar

Bailey is a Telstar High School Senior, who serves as Co-President of the Class of 2022, Student Council, and Interact. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. Bailey plans to enroll in the University of New Hampshire to pursue a degree in communications and the creative arts. Bailey ‘s commitment to the larger community was evidenced by her leadership in honoring two local teachers who found themselves fighting a battle with breast cancer. Leading from the heart, Bailey organized each homeroom at Telstar to sign and write words of encouragement to each teacher.  But Bailey didn’t stop with words of encouragement. Being part of the solution, Bailey started a “Pink Shirt” fundraising campaign at Telstar in their honor, and raised funds for The Dempsey Center Cancer Support & Services in Lewiston, Maine.

"Bailey is the perfect example of a well-rounded student and human being.  She is always smiling, constantly thinks of others and how she can help and works hard to achieve her goals.  We as a school community are so excited that Bailey has been selected as The River Fund Maine scholar this year, she is so deserving and will be a great representative for the fund and our community.  Bailey is a leader, but always remains humble at the same time. Bailey is an active participant in our drama department and spends countless hours at Toe Tappin Jazz dancing in her spare time, all while holding a part time job at the Good Food Store in Bethel, Maine.  We all wish her nothing but the best next year and beyond!” says Telstar Principal, Mark Kenney.

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2021 TRFM Scholar

We are pleased to announce Dylan Thayer Greenberg of Hanover, Maine as the newest recipient of The River Fund Maine Scholarship. Dylan is a Gould Academy senior and will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology in its five-year Engineering Program. Dylan will focus on either cybersecurity or space exploration.

“Dylan is incredibly curious and intellectually tenacious. He is interested in many subjects, and once he becomes engaged with a subject or an idea, he can exhibit incredible persistence about discovering and learning as much as possible about that subject,” says Maggie Davis, Associate Director of College Counseling at Gould Academy. Dylan has exhibited this determination in learning and discovery by working with Gould Academy’s REMUS (Remote Environmental Monitoring Units) Program to pilot remote controlled vehicles with a live camera feed and sensors through Sunday River Resort’s snowmaking system, helping identify blockages and ensuring water intake pipes operate at maximum efficiency.

"Dylan is a bright, humble, curious, and creative individual. We are beyond thrilled for Dylan to receive this recognition and scholarship from The River Fund Maine, and are not surprised, as he is deserving of this award in every regard,” says Tao Smith, Head of School at Gould Academy. Dylan loves the outdoors, and enjoys rock climbing, whitewater and flatwater canoeing, and is an excellent Nordic skier. 


2020 TRFM Scholar

Luci Rothwell of Bryant Pond, Maine is The River Fund Maine’s inaugural Scholar.  A student leader, athlete and honors graduate of Telstar High School, she is currently enrolled in Husson University’s Five-Year Accelerated Program in Occupational Therapy where she has earned President’s List Honors. Luci’s educational aspirations reflect her Telstar junior year opportunity—shadowing an occupational therapist at Rumford Hospital—and her deep commitment to her local community. Ultimately, Luci plans to return to Western Maine to work in OT at a local hospital.

“Luci Rothwell has been the perfect example of a student athlete leader and friend in her time at Telstar not only to her peers, but the younger students in our district as well,” says Mark Kenney, Telstar principal. “She is a committed and dedicated student who is going to continue to do great things as she heads off to Husson University. I am very proud of her and wish her nothing but the best.”

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