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.5k Dry Land Training

Fall Festival Weekend

Sunday River Resort


The days are shorter, and nights cooler. Snow, made and natural, will soon coat the slopes of Sunday River.

As you fit-check your gear, and dust off the Thule, the pre-season prep work has just begun. Following The North American Wife Carrying Championship, The River Fund Maine will transform South Ridge Base Area into the dry land training experience necessary to prepare for the upcoming season. Out of the gate, ski bums will face the following challenges and obstacles:

  • You’ve heard of a shotgun start, but when preparing for a day of skiing and riding we opt for a Bloody Mary start. 

  • Once you’ve enjoyed a leisurely uphill walk with your Bloody Mary you’ll encounter your first obstacle: "Trail Closed” rope, which is just asking to be ducked (best of luck escaping ski patrol)!

  • Next, you’ll need to refuel with a famous ski lodge snack for the second .25k of the race. 

  • Refueled, you’ll navigate the slalom course (on foot), perfecting your form and ability to pick the perfect line. 

  • Once you’ve slapped some gates it’s the home stretch to the finish line. A great day on the slopes is followed by an ice-cold beer, and today is no exception. 

  • Crossing the finish line with your beer, the race would not be complete without commemorative .5k DLT oval race stickers for your car, mug, helmet, and Thule. 

Registration will be open the day of, accepting cash cards and Venmo as payment, with excess donations welcomed. All funds raised benefit The River Fund Maine's programming.

Adults: $25 Youth: $15. 

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