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The River Fund Maine Scholarship: Programs

Sunday River is a member of the Boyne Resorts family, consisting of excellent, snow-filled ski areas from East to West, highly acclaimed golf courses, and more. The company, developed in 1947 by Everett Kircher when he bought the land for Boyne Mountain in Michigan, has grown to twelve resorts across North America and is still owned and operated by the Kircher family. Sunday River was brought under Boyne Resorts' management in 2007.

Sunday River Mission Statement:

The Sunday River mission is to provide our guests with the highest quality alpine recreational and resort experience each day of the year. As we continue to be known for our skiing and winter recreational opportunities, our mission is to provide quality service to our guests as they discover and celebrate the full range of natural recreational experiences available in the mountains of western Maine throughout the year.

We are dedicated to providing increased employment and career opportunities for the residents of western Maine. We are committed to grow, prosper and fulfill our mission through the prudent use of our natural resources, the intelligent use of emerging technologies and, most importantly, the optimum use of talent, creativity, and values of the people of western Maine.

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Our partnership with Sunday River Resort includes our .5K Dry Land Training, Santa Sunday, and Master of The Mountain events, as well as Sunday River Team Member payroll deduction & company match. 

Thank you to all Sunday River Team Members participating in payroll deductions that benefit The River Fund Maine, and to Sunday River for generously matching their contributions. Your participation makes all the difference

on the impact we can have.

Proceeds from this partnership benefit TRFM’s Education, Recreation, and Community Outreach programming, and general operating expenses.

The River Fund Maine Scholarship: What We Do
The River Fund Maine Scholarship: Projects
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